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Fit Test USA offers a fully automated medical clearance process for employees required to wear respirators. It is a convenient and cost effective mechanism to become compliant with the OSHA respiratory protection standard.

Fit Test USA will clear approximately 80% of your employees immediately and another 15% within 2 business days. We have eliminated the paperwork associated with the medical clearance process mandated by OSHA. As a result of our process Fit Test USA is efficient and cost effective.

Healthcare Providers

Through our partnership with University Occupational Health we have streamlined the process of bringing your healthcare system into compliance with the OSHA mandated respiratory protection standard for the healthcare industry.

With our online medical clearance process we are able to rapidly medically clear your staff followed by on-site fit testing by our highly trained technicians. University Occupational Health has significant experience in providing these services to large hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For more information regarding University Occupational Health please visit www.glphysician.com,
Or call (716) 898-4153.


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